How to Be a Good* Girl

How to Read the Book

How to Be a Good* Girl is an educational children’s book. As a resource created to aid guardians in starting honest conversations, it addresses nine common misconceptions of female stereotypes. The book provides a creative space to empower girls to explore and express different possibilities of who they want to be. For guardians, it encourages them to support young girl's dreams and aspirations.

Please note: Photos are for reference, and the copy is updated according to the manuscript.

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Identify the Gender Stereotype

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Open the Page to Discover Girls' Greater Potential

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Guardian! Initiate an Honest Conversation with Young Girl through Our Questions

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Redefine What It Means to Be a Good* Girl


*Empowering message to achieve her best self


But wait there’s more! Fold back each page then go through the book again. Now young girl will only read the non-stereotype version!

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Make a Promise

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To Guardians:

Listen to and embrace young girl for who she is.


To Girls:

Be confident and true to yourself, because that's the best girl you can be after all!


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